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Seal coating advice 2012
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April 2012


A few pointers to keep your driveway looking good.

Don't let the Companies out there tell you their product will stand up to all fluid leaks, it will help protect your driveway but make sure you clean up all fluid spills especially gas and brake fluids. Use a cloth if it is a new spill but if not a trick is to use cat liter, it will absorb the spill and can save your driveway. Why because with time it will burn through your seal coat and through your asphalt causing ruts and cracks. Remember asphalt is made up of chemicals and these chemicals will be disturbed, so better safe then sorry!

Seal coating advice 2012

Seal coating season 2012

Well what a crazy Winter and Spring. We had a brief Winter and ran right into Summer and back to late Winter weather. This is sooo crazy, while the weather waswarm it was to early for the seal coat mfg. to supply us with seal coat. Wouldn't you know it as soon as the weather shifted back to colder weather it was available.

Now to anyone out there let me tell you I've noticed some seal coat Companies have started seal coating. Now people listen, it is only advisable to seal coat when the temps are above 55 because of drying time.
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